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Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident

At Abels & Annes, we know that motorcycle accident victims need access to an experienced law firm in the immediate aftermath of an Arizona motorcycle accident. These accidents can have serious repercussions for riders and their families, as they deal with serious injuries, piling medical bills, and seemingly endless stress. Our goal is to alleviate that stress, get our clients fair compensation, and focus on winning their case, so they can focus on what really matter: getting better and protecting their families financial future.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

The increasing popularity of motorcycle riding means more riders are facing the risk of being involved in a serious or fatal crash. 

Our Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys understand that these cases often involve very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation injuries, burns, road rash, disfigurement and broken bones. And, when a rider is killed, a wrongful death lawsuit must be properly and timely filed to help ensure the financial wellbeing of loved ones left behind. At Abels & Annes, P.C. we are committed to fighting for justice on behalf of riders and their families.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Nationwide, the number of serious and fatal motorcycle crashes generally tend to rise, with more than 4,500 riders killed and 80,000 injured each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2011, nearly 3,000 motorcycle crashes were reported in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. The number of fatalities jumped more than 50 percent to 132, while the number of injured topped 2,500.

In the past decade, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports the number of registered motorcycles on the nation’s roads has increased from fewer than 5 million to more than 8 million, resulting in an additional 1,500 riders a year being killed nationwide.

When taking into account more recent numbers, we see that the number of motorcycle accidents that result in death is still increasing, for example the number of motorcyclists killed in crashes rose to about 5,000 in 2018. These statistics show us, that although motorcycle safety equipment is increasing, motorcycle riders are still overrepresented in overall motor vehicle traffic fatalities.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Free Consultation

Arizona is one of about a dozen states that frequently report more than 100 motorcycle deaths annually. The vast majority of those injured or killed are males between the ages of 30 and 50. Whether riding in an urban or rural area, and whether a rider is wearing a helmet or not, motorcyclists are most often injured by the negligence of other motorists on the road.

Typically, these crashes involve a family’s primary wage earner. In fact, the increasing popularity of motorcycle riding continues to put older riders at risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the number of registered motorcycles in the United States is up more than 50 percent in the last decade. Today, riders over the age of 50 account for 25 percent of all riders, compared to 10 percent in 1990. And, according to a 2013 study published in Injury Prevention, those older riders are at increased risk of severe injuries and are three times more likely to be hospitalized following a motorcycle accident.

Getting Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

Lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages may be sought from responsible parties through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. These damages can be pursued from the at-fault parties insurance company, the vehicle's manufacturer, or even the government agency responsible for maintaining the road. There are many different avenues to getting full compensation for your injuries and medical bills.

Understanding a victim’s prognosis for recovery, and the risk of long-term medical complications and expenses, are critical in determining the full extent of loses stemming from a crash. 

Insurance companies will often overlook this fact when dealing with an injury victim who does not have legal representation. However, understanding what medical bills and future costs may arise from an injury is crucial to ensuring that a person is not left financially and physically suffering years later.

Thoroughly Investigating a Motorcycle Accident

A thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding a motorcycle crash is an extremely important part of determining who is at fault. Simply taking the situation at face value is not enough.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reports more than half of all motorcycle crashes that involve another vehicle are the fault of the vehicle’s driver. The most common cause: a driver who fails to yield the right-of-way before turning left in front of an oncoming rider. In other cases, motorists fail to see an oncoming rider, fail to properly judge speed and distance, or simply fail to extend to a rider the respect and courtesy due to every motorist on the road.

In some cases, law enforcement may also fail to protect a rider at the scene of a crash, particularly in those cases where investigators allege speeding or other negligent behavior on the part of the motorcyclist. An independent investigation of the crash may yield additional clues. The sooner an experienced law firm is contacted after an accident, the better the chances of collecting evidence that may help your case, including nearby surveillance videos and witness statements. 

Accident victims should collect as much documentation as possible at the scene and share this information with their chosen law firm. The information collected at the scene of the accident should include:

  • photos of the accident
  • photos of the surrounding area and conditions
  • witness info, including name and phone number
  • police officer's name and badge number
  • insurance information from all parties involved
  • photos of your injuries
Contact an Experienced Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney must determine the extent of a victim’s injuries and the likelihood of long-term medical complications. Insurance companies will most often move to make a quick settlement, in some cases even presenting a check to an injured party. Accident victims should never discuss their case with an insurance company without being properly represented by an experienced law firm. Once the full extent of your financial loss has been determined, you will be in the best position to get the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in an Arizona motorcycle accident, contact Abels & Annes today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights. No Fee Unless You Win.

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