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Top Five Slip and Fall Hazards

Thousands of people are injured in falls every year in the United States. Slip and falls can happen anywhere - in businesses, stores, schools, other people’s homes, and more - and can happen for many reasons.

Here are the top five hazards that can lead to serious slip and fall injuries:

1. Liquid Spills

When water, oil, or other liquid spills on the ground, it is all too easy for an unsuspecting person to slip in the substance and fall down. Store owners should always clean up spills thoroughly and in a timely fashion but, unfortunately, this does not always happen.

2. Objects in Walkways

Having any object in a path where people tend to walk can be dangerous. This can include debris that has fallen off a shelf, or even a poorly designed walkway that has an object sticking out into the path.

3. Flooring Defects

Many types of flooring defects can cause a slip-and-fall accident, including uneven tiles or slats, overly worn wood floors or carpets, rugs that are not secured with a non-skid mat, and much more.

4. Dangerous Stairs

While any slip and fall can be dangerous, those that happen on staircases can cause particularly severe injuries. Stairs can pose a hazard in many ways, including through uneven steps, steps that are too deep or narrow, loose handrails or lack of a handrail, and inadequate lighting in stairwells, among other factors.

5. Failure to Warn

In some cases, a property owner may become aware of a possible hazard that cannot be repaired right away. In such cases, they are expected to put up a clear warning to customers or visitors that a hazard exists. This is common when a floor is wet from being cleaned and will take time to dry. If no sign is posted warning of a wet floor or another hazard, people can easily slip and fall.

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