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Uber Car Accidents

Uber AccidentUber is a multi-billion dollar company that enables people in more than 200 cities to request a ride from a network of drivers that are willing to travel anywhere within the designated service area. Put simply, people in areas like Phoenix can utilize Uber to contact a group of drivers, one of whom will answer the call and arrive at a passenger-requested location and take the rider to wherever that rider so chooses. Unlike a taxi cab, Uber vehicles and drivers do not roam the streets looking like fares. Unlike a city bus, an Uber ride can travel on any road in the service area and is not confined to a fixed route. And unlike a private vehicle, an Uber ride enables a person to get from one point to another without having to worry about a variety of concerns like parking, directions, or even planning an evening ahead of time.

Uber has been making waves in Phoenix recently and its service area has grown expansive. Currently, the service accepts trips in areas including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, and Peoria and advertises itself as a safe means of alternative transit. Uber functions on a fare-based system with each trip having a low base rate plus a per-minute charge based on time or miles. It also claims to be more consumer-friendly than some other forms of transportation because additional charges, like tipping, are unnecessary when traveling with Uber.

Risks Associated with Uber Car Rides

Before choosing to travel with an Uber driver, those in the greater Phoenix area should consider the risks that may be associated with these rides. Initially, Uber trips pose many of the same threats as other types of car travel. The risk of a car accident is always present based upon driver error or based upon factors beyond the control of an Uber motorist and those accidents can lead to serious consequences for passengers, including personal injuries.

Additional risk factors not present when traveling in a private car may be faced by those who utilize Uber. One risk is that the vehicles used by Uber drivers are not owned by Uber itself. Rather, drivers operate their own personal vehicles when providing rides and therefore there is significant variability among the design, construction, and safety features of these vehicles. Uber does set standards to which all vehicles must adhere but the company does not go so far as to require drivers to operate particular makes and models. In many cases, people who request an Uber ride are unaware of the type of vehicle they will receive until that vehicle arrives at their location and those riders are unlikely to be presented with an overview of the car's safety features when they enter the vehicle.

Not only are passengers unaware of the make, model, and safety features that they will receive but these riders remain uninformed of their driver and the driver's history as a motor vehicle operator. Those who drive for Uber are subjected to background checks which reportedly include an analysis of the driver's past conduct while behind the wheel but these reviews are limited in their ability to reveal the true nature of a motorist. Only conduct that leads to a citation or other disciplinary action appears on a driver's official record and as a result, conduct that goes unnoticed by a police officer likewise will go unnoticed in a review. If a driver is a chronic speeder, a tailgater, or operates in a reckless manner, there may be no good way to discern this driver as unfit until after she begins providing rides. Those passengers who are in a vehicle with a dangerous driver will be at a higher risk for a collision due to the conduct of that motorist.

Legal Relief for Victims of Uber Car Accidents

With the rise of Uber transportation unfortunately has come Uber car accidents and other incidents in the Phoenix area. Some of these are caused by the Uber drivers while others are caused by motorists in other vehicles, mechanical failures, poor road designs, or even the actions of a city or municipality. As a result, the fallout from these collisions can be very complex and can leave victims unsure about their legal options.

In Phoenix, those who are injured in traffic accidents have the right to seek financial compensation for their injuries and their other damages, whether those damages are monetary or not. If an accident turns tragic and a person loses his or her life, the right to seek relief may pass to that victim's surviving family members, though no amount of money can ever be considered adequate in these cases.

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